Tuesday, May 5, 2015

MAY GARDEN REPORT  By Ashleigh Loveridge.

In our veggie garden we saw that baby birds have been nibbling our lettuce... OH NO !  they must be hungry !
We took some photos of the nibbled lettuce.

We went into the native garden and we saw kauri trees that were pretty tall.
We really need to prune that pathway, it is a mess , really growing over it. The native garden needs a BIG tidy up.

YAY, feijoas on the feijoa trees.
 Look at that big mandarin, it looks like an orange.

Autumn Garden Report.  By Kaleb Vukona

In our veggie garden we found some seedlings that have grown from our summer garden. There are cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes.
We are going to transplant some of the lettuce seedlings to grow over winter, but the cold weather and frost is stopping the tomatoes from growing and they are beginning to turn yellow. Some of these are very strong plants but we don't think they will survive the cold winter.
We are not sure if the bean and cucumber will continue to grow. We will leave them and see what happens.
We noticed that some of the lettuce plants are being pecked by hungry birds.
We are going to buy some seedlings to plant in our winter garden.

The fruit trees have some fruit on them... feijoas and mandarins.
We have an apple tree that is looking really healthy, so hopefully it will have some fruit next season.

The native bird garden is very overgrown and is covering the pathways. Hopefully Mr T will bring his loppers in and do some pruning.