Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Strawberry Plants ready to go home.

Grow your own Strawberries

Yesterday the Gardening Team dug up the old strawberry plants . They broke these up so that each child in Rooms 1 and 6 could have their own strawberry plant to grow. How to plant your Strawberry Plant. 1. Find a good size container. (An old bucket will do ) Be sure that your container has a drainage hole in it's bottom. 2. Fill your container 3/4 full with good compost. 3. Carefully place your strawberry plant in the pot. 4. Cover all the roots with more compost 5. Press firmly all around your strawberry plant. you may need to add more compost. 6. If you have some straw or sawdust use this to mulch around your plant 7. Give your plant a good watering. 8. Position your pot in a sheltered sunny spot. 9. Keep ypur plant well watered giving it worm juice or liquid fertiliser regularly. 10 You may need to cover it with a net to prevent the birds from feasting on the ripe strawberries.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kaleb's Winter Garden Movie

Our Mid Winter Gardening Day

We haven't been in the garden for quite a few weeks.
We need to do lots of weeding.  We had to be very careful weeding around the plants so we didn't pull them out.

 Our spring onions, red cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and kale were all growing well.
The lettuce had been pecked at by the birds. They were a bit messy. We picked some lettuce from the bottom garden to take home.

In our bottom garden we planted a green crop - mustard seed.We can dig these plants into the soil to give the soil nitrogen.We put some fertiliser  into the soil.

In the top garden we planted some new seeds in rows.
We planted rocket, beetroot and carrots, and labelled these rows in the garden.
When we had finished planting we gave everything a drink of water.

By Keenan,and Greta.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

MAY GARDEN REPORT  By Ashleigh Loveridge.

In our veggie garden we saw that baby birds have been nibbling our lettuce... OH NO !  they must be hungry !
We took some photos of the nibbled lettuce.

We went into the native garden and we saw kauri trees that were pretty tall.
We really need to prune that pathway, it is a mess , really growing over it. The native garden needs a BIG tidy up.

YAY, feijoas on the feijoa trees.
 Look at that big mandarin, it looks like an orange.

Autumn Garden Report.  By Kaleb Vukona

In our veggie garden we found some seedlings that have grown from our summer garden. There are cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes.
We are going to transplant some of the lettuce seedlings to grow over winter, but the cold weather and frost is stopping the tomatoes from growing and they are beginning to turn yellow. Some of these are very strong plants but we don't think they will survive the cold winter.
We are not sure if the bean and cucumber will continue to grow. We will leave them and see what happens.
We noticed that some of the lettuce plants are being pecked by hungry birds.
We are going to buy some seedlings to plant in our winter garden.

The fruit trees have some fruit on them... feijoas and mandarins.
We have an apple tree that is looking really healthy, so hopefully it will have some fruit next season.

The native bird garden is very overgrown and is covering the pathways. Hopefully Mr T will bring his loppers in and do some pruning.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Yesterday Room 6 went to the garden to see which plants we could gather seeds from.
We found tomatoes, red peppers, apple cucumbers, beans, zucchini, sweetcorn and lettuce.

We cut open the tomatoes, red peppers, apple cucumbers and zucchini and scraped the seeds out and put them onto a paper towel. We labelled each paper towel with the date and the name of the seeds.
We are going to leave these to dry out, then we will store them until spring.

We got dry beans and split them open to get the bean seeds. We bagged and labelled these.

The lettuce plant had gone to seed. The flowers had finished and the top part of the flowers had gone fluffy, we pulled these and we found very tiny seeds. We carefully put these into a bag and labelled them.

We found a corn cob in the compost bin. It was beginning to dry out and we could pick off the seeds.
We are going to leave it to dry some more

In the spring time we are going to plant our own seeds that we have collected and saved.
Post by Kaleb.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kaleb's Garden Report

Over  the holidays  our garden over  grew and the pumpkins grew out of the box .The soil was very dry .The  pumpkins  are getting  dry so we know we can pick them. We  have sold apple cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini. I thought they  were  pretty  cheap  only 50 cents each.  I was selling once. I  bought an apple cucumber/.  It was yum. I think our garden is pretty good. Mrs Chatfield is going to dry out some of the big beans we planted so we can plant them again next summer.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Garden Produce For Sale.

Today Mrs Gilmour and Room 6 Children picked heaps of apple cucumbers, tomatoes and some rather big courgettes.

We are selling these outside the office after school and again before school.

CHEAP FRESH PRODUCE...... get in quickly !!!
Afternoon snack.
Jonas inspecting the pumpkins.

The latest in phones !!!!
Great pumpkins.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Holiday Wilderness

Oh Dear !!!!!

Our garden has morphed into a wilderness over the holidays.
 Triffid pumpkins, oversized zucchinis, rambling tomatoes, large tough beans, hidden strawberries and more than a few carnivorous friends.