Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Yesterday Room 6 went to the garden to see which plants we could gather seeds from.
We found tomatoes, red peppers, apple cucumbers, beans, zucchini, sweetcorn and lettuce.

We cut open the tomatoes, red peppers, apple cucumbers and zucchini and scraped the seeds out and put them onto a paper towel. We labelled each paper towel with the date and the name of the seeds.
We are going to leave these to dry out, then we will store them until spring.

We got dry beans and split them open to get the bean seeds. We bagged and labelled these.

The lettuce plant had gone to seed. The flowers had finished and the top part of the flowers had gone fluffy, we pulled these and we found very tiny seeds. We carefully put these into a bag and labelled them.

We found a corn cob in the compost bin. It was beginning to dry out and we could pick off the seeds.
We are going to leave it to dry some more

In the spring time we are going to plant our own seeds that we have collected and saved.
Post by Kaleb.

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