Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Some first Impressions of the school vegetable garden after the summer holidays.

We went to the school garden. My favourite vegetable is the watermelon. It is delicious. It is red in the inside and green on the outside. Then we went into the tech room. We had groups. The people in my group were Cheyenne, Tawhiao and Cole. First we washed the beans. Then we cut them. Everyone did something. When Miss Green said it is time for us to come up for a dip, I was scared to taste the dip. Miss Green said it is time for the taste. So then I got a carrot and put it into the dip. It was good. I liked it so I ate the courgette and the bean and the tomato all with the dip. Good.
Written by Ingrid

In our vegetable garden we have got tomatoes that I don't like. But I love carrots and beetroot. On Friday we got into the tech room and I cut up the carrots. Then we came back into our class to taste it with the dip. I tried everything except carrots mmmmmm. 
Written by Jacob

Jacob and Ingrid's first Magisto Movie: 

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